21 June 13:00THINGS

Adding Things to People and Organisations on Internet releases massive forces of innovation and change across industries and geographies. We simply have the opportunity to experience the Internet revolution once again! This time the drivers are efficiency, security and sustainability thus exactly what we need a lot of to save or planet and society. Sweden is in the forefront of exploring these opportunities and the STHLM IoT Investment Summit is created for people who invest their time, energy, reputation and money in making best possible use of IoT. 

The STHLM IoT Investment Summit gives a unique opportunity to 100 selected individuals to get a 360 degree of where the IoT revolution is today and might take us tomorrow. We will get quick updates from IoT startups, operators, vendors and enterprises who all are in the edge of the development and temporarily back from the IoT battle front. There will also be some demo tables to gather around and a LPWAN Clinic offering the opportunity to touch and discuss anything related to the hottest question in IoT 2017 - LPWAN. 

You will meet people from Watty, Talkpool, Springworks, CyanConnode, Ericsson, WSI, Imagimob, Ekkono, Hogia, iZettle, Assa Abloy, THINGS, Evothings, Industryhack, Mobile Institute, Inkonova, IIOX, Tele2, NCC, Coor, Eniga, Vyer, Berotech, H&D Wireless, Attentec, TechnoTranscat, Electrolux, Sopra Steria, Rise, Nordic 3D MID Solutions, Intel, Real Time Embedded, Northstream, CEI-Europe, Telia Company, Crossbreed, BellPal, Real IoT, ZTE, IoT Sweden, Telenor, TMPL, Synch Law, HTMS, Flexera and many more.

Program highlights: 

Eco system is the new how in IoT! - Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO, WSI
Driving innovation in a large international enterprise - Joachim Rask, Head of Purple+, Telia Company
Creating value from IoT - Bengt Nordström, CEO, Northstream

From e-charging to electricity availability - Patrik Björkman, CEO, IIoX
Drones in the dark - Pau Mallol, CTO and founder, Inkonova
The sweet spot of technologies - Maria Holmberg, Head of Sales, Watty
Optimus Robotics – Automated Guided Vehicles - Magnus Carlmeister, Business Development Executive, TechniaTranscat
Predictive maintenance in the process industry - Jon Lindén, CEO, Ekkono
Smart batteries transforming business - NorthStar - Patrik Boccara, Senior Sales Specialist, Tele2
2 years and 28 industrial innovation challenges later - Juho Kokkola, Industryhack
Smart house, Smart living in BRF Inspiration in Uppsala - Stefan Bohlin, Head of Business Development, TMPL
Giving back the control of the connected car to the owner - Sophia Skinbjerg, Marketing Director, Springworks
From IoT to innovative customer services development at E.ON - Thomas Höglund, Business Development, Crossbreed
The game change on seniors health, care and safety. From Passive to Active - David Ziemsky, Founder, BellPal 
The need for real time artificial intelligence - Anders Hardebring, CEO Imagimob
Rolling out a 6LoWPAN  IoT network for 2nd Generation Smart Metering in Lysekil -Anders Hjort, CEO of HM Power & Michael Westberg, VP Europé CyanConnode 

All you need to know

This startup style event is organised by the alliance for Swedish IoT startups, SMSE, THINGS and Mobile Institute, it takes place at THINGS, has no paid speeches and ends with beer and a bite. The cost to attend is 5.000 Sek per individual all inclusive (members of SMSE has 50% discount). We have a firm limit of 100 participants so make sure to sign up right away if you want to participate.

Please contact Magnus Melander, magnus@wbird.se or +46 70 230 72 51, for questions or if you want to contribute as speaker, sponsor, with demos, etc. 

Looking forward to seeing you!



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